7 Inch LED Headlights Round Halo Angel Eyes DRL Amber Turn Signal Lights

  • WHY MGLLIGHT HEADLIGHT? MGLLIGHT 7 inch led headlight are made with original LED Chips, 300% brighter than other similar 7 led halo headlights and bring beautiful light pattern and perfect cut-off line; Also, this 7 inch headlight DOT versions guarantees that your lights are legal on the road. For the power, the 7 inch wrangler headlights with 4000LM@high beam and 3200LM@low beam at 6000K for each headlight. Low Voltage Protection, High precision Constant Current Driver Chip.
  • VERY EASY TO INSTALL: Package included: 2x7 round led headlights, 2x H4 to H13 adapter. Built-in anti-flicker, no extra decoder and bracket needed! Plug and play, usually in 20 minutes or less, plug and play. The compact headlight housing make installation easily. No need to modify or cut. If you've never driven a car of led headlights, get your stock halogen headlight or HID headlight off your car asap. This LED headlight will be the good replacement for your original wrangler headlight.
  • 7 ROUND HEADLIGHT QUALITY: The 7'' headlight have breath valve, if those headlights ever start developing moisture inside, you can simply open up these breather boards running for about two hours, then close them up, and that should fix the problem. Good waterproof and heat dissipation ensuring lifespan above 50,000 hrs. Classic Design 7 LED Headlight With Halo Ring A

2024 New 7 Inch LED Headlights DOT Approved Anti-glare 1000% Brightness

  • DOT APPROVED: MGLLIGHT 2024 UNRIVALED V40 Series 7 inch led headlights pass both DOT and SAE certification requirements ensuring safe and legal travel. Four functions for you. High Beam, Low Beam, Turn Signal, and Daytime Running Light (DRL). Latest high intensity LEDS and carefully engineered light patterns give you a good visibility and night driving experience. The unrivaled V40 light will make your car look stylish and unique.
  • SUPER BRIGHT, BUT NOT BLINDING: MGLLIGHT V40 beam line is perfect not to cause harm to oncoming traffic while giving you great vision. Inexpensive ones tend to bleed lots of light above the cutoff, blinding oncoming drivers. It's annoying. In this case, MGLLIGHT develop about the Z-shaped cutoff are seriously. it's a very crisp cutoff line, allows for more light high and to the right of the vehicle to help illuminate the side of the road. The beam pattern will stays in your lane.
  • RELIABLE ILLUMINATE: Modern design with bright LEDs and unique projector beams creating a beautiful look. The unparalleled performance of our wrangler LED headlights provides a more focused light direction for better visibility and safer driving at night and in inclement weather. The lumen output of High Beam@10000Lm and Low Beam@7000Lm. They are night and day difference compared to the dim and dull OEM headlights.

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